An Eye Opener

The recent celebrations of women’s day became an eye opener to me as maturity of mind showcase different perspective of women. Celebration on only one day cutting cakes, going to lesser privileged people helping them as part of community service activity by philanthropists or so called IT mega companies which boasts of standing 1, 2, 3 or any number in the international arena is not the real day.

There are women in different parts of world who go unfaced in spite of their poor or less source availability take care of the family, try to give their kids’ education, without giving up their dignity or self-esteem at any cost.

They don’t mind bearing the toughest jobs for the family and take very less care of themselves. All these happen despite their level of education. Whether educated or not women instinct is same over the world. Her mother hood or any other relationship she adds to the family or society is par excellence. But how long can women at different parts struggle?

When is real women’s day? To me every day is a women’s day. Without her their is no life on earth. I may sound gender biased, but it is the truth.

Few women achievers are in limelight to showcase their talents. It’s great and has to be appreciated.

But only when every woman is respected in society, given equal opportunity in all fields, right to education , which can make her be independent , modern in thoughts, she too respecting the other gender to bring in prosperity to herself, family, society at large would be real women’s day.

Even to imagine it’s awesome to that world , where right from being a little girl to grow as an adorable granny in the family is extremely easily leading to a beautiful society.

All these happens because of her confidence, perseverance, right attitude, kindness, care for co – humans , love for people, respect for the other gender and on ……….as her qualities are beyond measures. Let Lord bless them to celebrate women’s day throughout the year.



At times when you are bored or fatigue pulls you down, you feel less strong and low in energy level. You try to munch down the memory lane and any simple incident would revive you back to normalcy.  My maid had asked me a bonus of some amount to visit her granddaughter and family as it was festival time in their village.  She took the money which I gave happily and took a day off too!!    


After she came back I asked her about the wellness of her relatives as they were also close to me. She gave a happy lecture about all that she enjoyed with them and the neighbours in the village. I asked her about the money that she had borrowed thinking that she would have not utilised it properly. To my surprise she gave the big budget, which had made her buy some little things for everyone in the family, which I think had made everyone in the family very happy as they all had their share big or small. I became moved when she said one little portion of the money she had given as a help for a poor little girl who lived nearby, as it was a great satisfaction for her.  Mark her words, all that she did for the family was duty and they were all happy with it. But what she gave silently for the little girl was for her satisfaction.

As a perfectionist, she made everyone happy in the family about her visit and the girl made her happy.  As we were talking the advertisement in T.V. about the tempting pizza sliced for everyone as their share made me realize how well she has sliced happiness for everyone in their own way.

Remarkable!!!! One need not be an M.B.A. or a Financial Advisor or a teacher or a great philanthropist to utilise and manage what little wealth one has, or to bring joy and love in abundance. Learning of life doesn’t need any bookish education in life. Calling ourselves very knowledgeable, how many of us are at times able to do things with ease. Sure, every slice has its part as decided by the LORD!!!. We have to understand it to be happy.



How wonderful it is to dream of a successful future! Everyone has the interest and belief about a life that is successful and fruitful.  The measures of success may differ from every individual. For some it of a profitable job, a roaring business, power in the governance, a grandeur house, expensive fleet of cars, luxurious restaurants, even gorgeous dresses, travel around the world, meeting new people, or it can be infinite things even more than this.

When at times we are not able to meet the goal or ambition or aim in which ever name it is called, one becomes dull or lose interest in their attempts. They try to give up and feel difficult to accept mediocracy.  But if we think a little deep into it, we might feel that can these materialistic pleasures be only a real success. The real strength would be of different features for knowing a successful life.  It must be in a broader view a happy family, supportive friends, association with scholars and learned men, eyes and ears open to others problems and difficulties, trying to share and care life with people around, fight for things that aren’t right for the society, supporting the best for the future citizens of the world and above all praising the Lord who has given us the life.

Once we understand a successful life is that, which has  led the person who even after his death is long remembered of his kind nature, knowledge, wit, fine habits, behaviour and his contribution to the society in some form or the other. These are the reasons that great leaders, saints, philanthropists and other admirable people around the world or the neighbourhood have led a successful life and that is real success, for they are remembered for ever over the years.


We all have the joy of feeling and experiencing different seasons. The transitional period from season to season, the blistering winter, the scorching summer is enjoyed in one season the spring.  This season is enjoyed by all species on earth.  The birds that migrated during the snowy winter time come back chirping outside to indicate the beauty of the season. When the spring returns, so does the animals too. No better indicator of joy. The plants enjoy the little sunlight, moisture, and warm soil. The joy of the growth of the plants surrounds with greenery and coloring flowers.


The blooming of the flowers in the spring, signal the bees, saying that they are ready for pollination.  Spring‘s colorful flowers could lift the mood of all men around. Even the air enjoys moisture, when the window is opened lovely breeze refresh our mind and soul. You feel so energized. Exposure to sunlight decreases the chemical melatonin in the body, during the day and increases at night, which helps to sleep better.

The season allows going outdoors more to explore, allows you to come out of hibernation.  An overall plan and commitments which include health, habits, relationships, and career work finds freshness in the season.  To enjoy the season, we must take a  little time to nurture nature around.


Everyone when asked about possessions would quote the materialistic objects.
They need not be necessarily be a new one, it could be an old object, an antique piece, an ancestral object, or a childhood attire, a book etc…. All these objects help us to associate with fine special memories, of certain events, or a specific time period or moments of life. But we tend to forget these are all things that can have an end and doesn’t leave an indelible mark of us. They are just pieces of materials however costly or priceless they are. The most prized possessions are the character, attitude, behavior, and staying away from bad habits to adapt good ones throughout life. These beautiful possessions make us unique among the others and make everyone remember about us at all times.


To quote an old fable, once a scholar wanted to make a young boy understand the value of goodness. He took him to the garden for a stroll. He suddenly asked him to pull out a tiny plant over there and the boy pulled out with ease with his two fingers. After sometime the scholar showed a slightly bigger plant. The boy with a little difficulty tried to pull it and it came out after a tough time.
There was a fully grown rough bush. “Now take this out”, said the scholar. The boy tired with his hands and it would not budge. “It’s impossible “, said the boy, panting. Now the scholar said, “so it is with bad and unwanted habits,”. “when they are small and young , it is easy to be removed, but when they take hold it is very difficult to be uprooted”. This changed the boy’s life. HE had a wonderful life thereafter with his prized possessions of lovable and adorable habits, which made him popular and wanting among the others.
To the show the right path every religion in its own way teaches the followers to give up their most favorites, in the name of God during festivals and indulge in prayers, so that there is balance of mind and emotions, which makes one lead a life as per the will of God.
Keep the prized possessions available to all. So that we become a prized possession to everyone around and to the Almighty.




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